At first CICADA opened in Minami-Azabu in 2003, then moved to Omotesando 10 years later in 2012. The restaurant’s concept is Mediterranean cuisine, the interior design is based on the European colonial style in Asia. Each room has a different design which offers a new experience at each visit. At the main entrance, there is a large camphor tree, a bakery, an all-day cafe, and terrace seating. In CICADA’s open-air porch, there is a bar with an art of birch tree bark from Hokkaido all over the wall. There is a custom-tiled pond in front of the bar, a modern waterfall behind the resort-style sofa seatings makes it a luxurious place where you can see the sky in Omotesando while listening to the sound of water. Around the pond, the restaurant has dining, terrace seating and private rooms on the 2nd floor, that makes a total of more than 250 seats. It’s rare to find a restaurant that offers such space and luxury in central Tokyo.

TYPE: Restaurant
YEAR: 2012
PHOTO: Masaya Yoshimura